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Hulu - legal source for TV shows and movies

Hulu is an excellent 100% legal source for TV shows and movies. If you were looking for a website where you could freely watch your favorite movies and shows online this is it. Most of the content come in pretty good quality. No ‘camrips’ here. There is also an option to watch videos in full screen mode. Plus it’s completely free, you don’t have to pay anything.

The site has a rich choice of content including popular TV shows (The Office, The Simspons, Family Guy etc.) and hundreds of popular movies. You won’t be able to watch latest movies here, but there are lots of cool stuff to choose from. You can browse content by network or genre (Comedy, Crime, NBA etc.). If you’re not sure where to start you can also check what’s most popular among Hulu users. One really cool feature is that you can subscribe to your favorite shows or channels and get notified whenever the new videos are added.

At the moment the service is available only within the United States. However there is a way to access it from outside the United States as well. You will need to install a program called Hotspot Shield for that.

Lots of websites come and go, especially when it comes to TV show and movie websites. Being a major movie, TV show, news and documentary addict made me try lots of websites over the last couple of years. While many of those sites sucked, some of them were really good.