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Yahoo's ymail & rocketmail

Yahoo! offering free e-mail accounts under two new domains in a new way to attract the experienced surfers unhappy with their current mail ids.Registering new addresses under the domains of "ymail" and "rocketmail" at http://mail.yahoo.com is expected by a company that is located in Sunnyvale. This is the first time that Yahoo has offered different e-mail accounts under the shadows other than its own name. Both ymail.com and rocketmail.com already lead to the Yahoo Mail landing page.

Most people prefer an e-mail address that's easy to remember like the their first name in front of their last name or interest, like a hobby or favorite sports team or the favourite actor's name as a fan. But the popularity of Yahoo e-mail had criticalized the range of choices, forcing users to perform too many decisions to come up with an e-mail handle that hadn't already been taken.

Yahoo! mail is the market leader with the most users (266 million worldwide in April) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo_mail

"We realized we needed to expand the universe of Yahoo mail," said John Kremer, a vice president in charge of Yahoo's e-mail.

Yahoo is hoping the additional options created with the ymail and rocketmail will help boost its e-mail growth. E-mail under the ymail and rocketmail domains offering all the same features as the Yahoo domain. if you register your free e-mail account under one of these two new domain names, you’ll get the exact same features as you would with “standard” mail.yahoo.com. these two new domains Yahoo is offering will change the fact that Gmail is growing much faster than both Yahoo and Microsoft eventhough Gmail is not the market leader.

so whats your choice ymail or rocketmail? let me know your thoughts as comments....