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Skyfire's cell phone browser

Skyfire is a free, downloadable mobile browser that delivers rich web media

There's nothing fun about being on a wait list, especially when you're told the wait just got longer. Skyfire, a new cell phone browser demoed in February, hit such demand in its closed beta program, the company split participation into two rounds.

According to a Skyfire statement, those lucky ducks who signed up before March 1 made the cut for Beta 1 and will receive the golden invitation to join the testing in phases from now until the end of April. This first phalanx of users will also be invited to continue their testing as the second round of beta testers, who signed up March 2 or after, is welcomed aboard sometime this summer. If you've got a Windows Mobile phone, it's still not too late to add your name to Skyfire's growing list of second-session testers. In the meantime, live vicariously through this video of the browser's current features.